Ground Rules

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Ground Rules

Post by fearsomeHaemostat on Thu Jul 10, 2014 10:09 pm

Here are the general ground rules of this forum that applies to everyone.

1 ) No double posting. There always an edit button.
2 ) Be polite to others on this forum from the inside, out.
3 ) Do not spam. Unless if its done every 24/7 on a large scale.
4 ) No pornographic or inappropriate material shown anywhere!
5 ) Multiple accounts is not allowed.
6 ) Do not spam. Ever. Unless it's on a thread where it's allowed, at which point we will define how often you may post.

As the above rules are "Ground Rules" of this forum. Theirs not much to be said at the moment, until there is an update in the near future. That will possibly alter the rules in some sort of a way.

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