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Q&A [List]

Post by fearsomeHaemostat on Tue Jul 15, 2014 3:47 am

(Q): First off... Does this forum have an approved character system?
(A): Never and ever will it ever be. But those starting a roleplaying thread... May do so, now and then.

(Q): Can I roleplay a canon character?
(A): No

(Q): What is this forum?
(A): A forum for fan made Original Characters associated with Homestuck.

(Q): Can I swear in my post for In Character purposes?
(A): Yes. But don't take it over the top.

(Q): Is this forum super strict with Homestuck known canons and lore?
(A): Not completely... People have their fan canons of how the trolls work. Whilst same goes for everything else.

(Q): I want to be an over powered overlord who rules over everyone. Can I? Pretty please?
(A): Hm.... No. But it depends if the roleplayers want to be 'ruled' over. But I assure you most of them would rather not be ruled over.

(Q): I have a picture that has sweet dirty love. Can I-
(A): No. Hold your head in shame my friend. There are young people on this forum.

(Q): I want to make sweet baby love!~
(A): ... Really? Okay. If your seriously looking for that here. You'll have to look again. Unless your 18 or over, there is a group to join to do that stuff upon asking a mod or admin. And by this. I repeat. If you lie. The admins will ban you.

(Q): Someone is seriously cursing trouble and I feel uneasy!
(A): You can always report them for whenever it comes to that. Then either us the admins or mods will sort everything out.

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