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Desert's Tribes

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Desert's Tribes


Hello and welcome to "Desert's Tribes". This thread was made to have an RPG element to it, with some conflict happening between the tribe's that seek to challenge other tribes control over the desert lands. There is some lore and history hidden between the tribes that inhabit the vast desert others seek to contain their beliefs upon. Whilst some tribal people retain their tribal characteristic perks on what they may have unique from others. The regional perks however!~ are perks that affect people greatly in the region they'll be in.

Desert's Tribes includes four main tribes with their unique color schemes, themes and clothing. There are four tribes with three consisting just with trolls and another fourth one that includes just humans. Over the ages, the humans that traveled the desert, were seen as outcasts from three troll tribes. Where the humans took that remark and made a tribe for themselves. The three other troll tribes as mentioned are those who are greatly evil, the other who opposes the evil ones and then the last one who stands in the middle ground. Acting natural as much as possible.

There is a leveling system in this roleplay thread and stats to give people a challenge to think things through when going out and about in the worldliness of the desert. However there are creatures that lurk around the desert if one was to gain experience to level up. Training stats is possible and possibly wise to do so. But there is also quests to carry out as well.

[Whereabouts Overview]

Mostly all tribe temples and the ones who live alongside one another have established themselves in oasis with camps nested near the temple's entrances.

Only for the more evilish trolls, did they established themselves in a large crevice in the ground. Where their temple is in the side of a cliff face.

[The Plot So Far]

A rumor has gone about that a leader of a tribe has been killed by an intern tribal member. But people are unsure to who would have done it and what their intentions were for doing such a thing. Further more in development. A hidden tribe has yet to be revealed as knowledge to where the hidden tribe is was said last to be with the leader that gotten killed by the mentioned intern tribal member. Till that day forward. There had been hunters going after to who was the last person to be even be near a tribal leader when they were killed. Some say that information of the hidden tribe is now with the tribes leader killer. Its what most people have been mostly talking about now-a-days. But the tribe Callers Of Echos are speaking war is soon upon them because of the events unfolding in the other tribes.

No one knows what tribes leader has been killed and no one knows if humans even exist in the desert anymore, because the trolls have hardly seen any humans wandering the desert. Not only that, this hidden tribe no one knows about. This includes the tribes: Followers Of The Ravagers, The Land Watchers and The Wandering Few. Don't think that another tribe with a mystery population exists out in the desert, apart from one that consists with just humans somewhere.


[Leveling System]

The leveling cap stops around at 50 and to gain it is through killing a creature, completing quests or killing another player.

When a new person joins the roleplay, they will always start at level one.

[Perks Meaning + Notes]

A notices on regional perks. If a person leaves the tribe homelands of where they came from. They would lose their regional perks.

Regional Perks: Regional Perks are bound to the person until they decide the leave an area, losing its effects.
Perks: Perks are bound to the person and will never be removed. Though through some circumstances that the character may get themselves into. Might have their perks removed from its outcome.

[Stats Meaning]

Damage: Damage is a stat that shows how much damage you can do overall to anyone or anything.
Defense: Defense is a stat that will show you how much of defense you’ll have in total. The defense stat will reduce the amount of damage being taken from anyone or anything that is to harm you in anyway.

To note, if your character decides to swap out to a range weapon. Your Defense will lower.

Strength: Strength is a certain stat that adds half of its amount to your characters Damage stat. The strength stat also acts the sole requirement to be able in equipping heavier armor or weapons.

Agility: Agility is an ability that steady's range attacks, as well as heightening your characters alertness within combat or soon to engage in battle. This works well in sighting hidden people that are trying to hide and getting a bulls eye on something.

Stamina: Stamina increases on how well your character moves across the land, whilst getting to point A to point B within the route your character had chosen.

Intellect: Intellect is a stat that can make your character well acquainted with spells. Intellect also gives your character a greater understanding on how to use more advanced and complex weaponry when in combat.

Another note on stats. Depending on what tribe your character came from. Their stats would either get a boost or a decrease for what they’re part of.


Followers Of The Ravagers

Tribe: Followers Of The Ravagers
Totem Name: Ozhura The Fearsome

Totem Appearance: A very angry looking troll face carved into the totem of white painted wood. Where sharp teeth and evil looking eyes are a thing on the troll faced totem. There is also paints on the totem of the color theme the troll tribe is based on.

Leader: ?????? ??????
Population: 100% Trolls

Color theme: Purples. Reddish purples and dark blues.
Clothing: Brown-purple colored leather rags hanging loosely, face paint from wild giant battles sometimes. Masks of recent killed beasts. Only worn if a person had personally taken it down head on. Sometimes bones for armor. This includes either dragon bones or anything that can be used close by.

Lore: Followers Of The Ravagers are a band of trolls who split from the home group of trolls when the once so fully formed totem betrayed their troll kind of their brothers and sisters. When the trolls became acquainted within seeing those who are not worthy enough to fight and cast aside to be disposed of. By their lesser brothers and sisters. It was this that brought them into the implications that made them split from the home group.

It was said that the reason the trolls and their own totem who saw a liking into before parting ways with their brothers and sisters. Is because they were blamed for the wrong courses when a battle broke out between the humans and the trolls. Which laid waste to the great cities around, whilst leaving nothing but sand and rubble. Everywhere. Not even enough to sustain life as the other trolls once knew the planet could have been back in the eons. So now its every troll to themselves.

~ More lore will be added once the story progresses ~

Tribe Regional Perks: Always Dark Out, Blood lust and Instant Rage.

- Always Dark Out: The area the tribe lives at is always dark, due to the changing forces caused by their totem.
- Blood lust: The area is so unpredictable, everyone is always on edge and will lash out a given chance.
- Instant Rage: A follow up perk from Blood lust. Everyone is also a little angry at one another for almost anything they do.

NPC’s: None so far.

Player Characters: None so far.

Other: None so far.


The Land Watchers

Tribe: The Land Watchers
Totem Name: Sarser The Knowing

Totem Appearance: Sarser totem’s is carved so fine that their appearance seems to be the perfect being. There is paints over the face of Sarser’s totem, which represents eyes. Whilst the color of Sarser’s wood surface is white with a barely noticeable color of blue within Sarser’s totem.

Leader: ?????? ??????
Population: 100% Trolls

Color theme: Any shades of green and blues.
Clothing: The clothing of the Watchers usually comes to those who wears a loose cloth which is a tabard. Consisting with the color being completely black and the ends of the tabard having a messy cut. The watchers tend to be seen with wooden masks with different carvings on them or a cloak with the color of dark blue upon them.

Lore: As the home group of trolls deteriorated throughout the raging war against the humans. The tribe, Watchers. First ever leader quickly rounded up their best sharp shooters and knowledge seekers to a far over grown region of the world, taking a piece of the main totem with them to escape the inevitable doom that the home group was no more in every trolls wake. As the new founded tribal group settled down when the war soon quieted to a period they call the "slumbering" chapter of the war. They did their best to keep any intruders out of their hidden tribe as they kept a watchful eye on the events that have been unfolding for meany years they have existed in the remains that was their great city around the overgrown expanse. The only thing the totem fears the most is that their tribe they've kept secret will soon be revealed whenever they like it or not in a peculiar way possible.

Though out of act of kindness between the Watchers members. They have tried to help some members from other tribes outside their lands in secret. But never have they revealed themselves to the other tribes to where they've came from.

~ More lore will be added once the story progresses ~

Tribe Regional Perks: Sand Storm, Lost! and Overgrown

- Sand Storm: Due to where the Watchers homelands are. It would be acceptable to sand storms rolling across the desert lands. Giving their oasis an odd look of sand in trees and what not.

- Lost!: It is easy to get lost within the vast jungle like region of the desert. Where the person might find themselves heading out of the expanse before even going into it.

- Overgrown: The land of the Watchers is quite hard to navigate. Whilst it requires a person from the watchers to help them not get lost or killed from how harsh their jungle oasis is.

NPC’s: None so far.

Player Characters: None so far.

Other: There is lots of creatures around their homeland. So be careful.


Callers Of Echos

Tribe: Callers Of Echos
Totem Name: Houtar The Bold

Totem Appearance: Houtar's totem surface appearance is in a dark blackish coating with white lines making his face notable features. Where the tribes color is painted over him to signal bleeding scars.

Leader: ?????? ??????
Population: 100% Trolls

Color theme: The tribe mostly uses shades of yellow and red. Mix in with the two colors or not.

Clothing: The people of the tribe tend to wear clothes associated with their blood color in a formal tribal fashion. Where the more higher ranking tribesmen are either seen with a clear white linen capes or a white scarf with the tribes emblem in both colors of red and yellow. Where the emblem is mostly split with red one side and yellow on the other, As the same for the eyes of the emblem. The emblem is mostly a two circles with two smaller circles inside of them, placed side by side one another. ◉◉

Lore: They are a band of trolls who stayed in the great city that was around when the battle flared up over the years. Defending every right to keep the city standing to the last troll standing. Though because of them being seen as the supposed white knight protectors of the last city still remaining. They have been locked in stalemate with a unbinding foe that has showed itself to be beings a pure shadow. They are not sure where this originated from. But some believe it was a curse played out by the evil trolls that were banished from their group who did things absolutely unheard of in their group of pure hearted trolls.

Any troll known to them that is to play among dark magic within the tribe are instantly banished on the spot to the lower regions of the city. Where the dark beings were tare them asunder.

~ More lore will be added once the story progresses ~

Tribe Regional Perks: Coldness, Breezy and Ruins.

- Coldness: At night, the place gets really cold and those who travel through the ruins of sand stone city bellow would surely freeze to death. Unless you were to get somewhere high then your perfectly fine.

- Breezy: Due too how barren the lower levels of the abandoned sand stone city is. There is consent breezy chill that howls all throughout the day and night.

- Ruins: As the very peaks of the ruin sand stone city is clearly sighted at all angles in the distance of the endless desert from all around. The abandoned city seems to have been shook by a great battle that has ravaged its elegantcy of being a proper city of its rare form. Where most of its vast complex known at the back of a Echo's tribes hand. Creatures unknown to them remain hidden among the dark corners of the once so lively city meany years ago. Gives every traveler a notion feeling that something is watching them. Waiting... -10 Agility is given upon any people at the lower regions of the Echo's ruin city homelands. But decreases depending on what level the player's character is.

NPC’s: None so far.

Player Characters: None so far.

Other:None so far.


The Wandering Few

Tribe: The Wandering Few
Totem Name: Tali The Curator

Totem Appearance: Tali is a totem with a black painted surface. With white eyes and teeth. But Tali as a totem is seen with it holding a scepter and a shield. Bright colors mark symbols and patterns in the shield and the scepter.

Leader: ?????? ??????
Population: 50% Humans

Color theme: Every color known on the color wheel. But the more brighter colors are the more dominant colors shown on every humans about.
Clothing: Every human by normal clothes tends to wear brown fur rags with different designs painted on them. Whilst most of the time you'll see some humans who are mostly warriors. Wear tree bark masks with paint designs on them, spears and wooden shields.

Lore: Driven back from the trolls for reasons beyond them many years ago. The humans have settled down in a habitual area to them that they've sought to forget the war at hand and focus on recuperating their kind. But as the years progressed, they've forbid anyone to go outside their own homelands. But if they ever would, will never return again. Due to the creatures that lurk on the outskirts of their homelands.

~ More lore will be added once the story progresses ~

Tribe Regional Perks: Very warm, Plentiful and Lushes

- Very warm: Due too how many less trees there are in the humans oasis. Their place surely feels rather warmer unlike other parts of the desert planet.

- Plentiful: As the plants around the area are kept free from pest or insects alike that would do anything to eat the plants fruit of the Wandering Few. Makes one sort of running out of food almost impossible. It is also very filling on the stomach!~

- Lushes: The well kept terrain of where the humans live has blossomed giving one soul a smoothing feel when encountering the peaceful oasis the humans strives to keep protected by any troll outsiders.

NPC’s: None so far.

Player Characters: None so far.

Other: None so far.


[Character Creation]

[The Character Sheet]
(And How To's)

Name: Here is where you can put in your characters name
Age: Age goes here.
Appearance: The appearance of your character does not have to be too long. Two or Three sentences would do just fine.

You have 18 points to distribute across your stats.

Damage    -  
 Defense   -  

 Strength  -  
 Agility   -  
 Stamina   -  
 Intellect -

Characteristic Perks: This is where the perks must go with just their names by all means.

Other: If your think you need to put more of your character. You can put it here...

[The Proper Cleaner Character Sheet]



[spoiler][b]Damage    -[/b]  
[b]Defense   -[/b]  

[b]Strength  -[/b]  
[b]Agility   -[/b]  
[b]Stamina   -[/b]  
[b]Intellect -[/b][/spoiler]

[b]Characteristic Perks: [/b]


[Available Characteristic Perks:]

To note. When filling out a character sheet from the code box, You can only choose 2 Characteristic Perks.

- Less Oxygen: A character with the less oxygen perk gain 3+ agility on normal base stats but if using any range weapons. This would round off to 5+ agility. This will go up depending on what level the person is.

- Tough Skin: Great perk for characters who want to be climbers, but it also gives people 4+ defense. Again will go up depending on what level your character is.

- Sharp Insight: Sharp insight would make your character able to pick things out in their surrounding area quickly than others. Giving the character 2+ stamina. Goes up on what level your character is.

- Heightened Dark Vision: When even at the darkest of the deserts night. People with the perk Heightened Dark Vision, will be able to see very well at night, giving them a boost on two stats only at night. One would give 2+ on agility and 3+ on intellect. This will go up on what level your character is.

- Scary Looking: This perk would make your character look rather demonic or scary looking. But it gives you the advantage to scare people away at given chance for a short moment. This would give your character along with the perk. 4+ strength. But will go up depending on what level your character is at.

[How One Enters]

How a person enters a tribe is appearing in the totem room's pad of an underground temple of every tribe. Where the totem behind them is marked with the characteristic perk the member of the tribe may see also upon themselves. The totem is able to speak and give advice on most things of the desert and information on the other totems they seem to distrust. Though over a four miles radius. There is a magical barrier to stop outsiders of the tribes to enter the temple entry chambers to kill either the new members or the totem itself. If the totem is destroyed, it would spell disaster for the tribe. As they will not be able to get new members into their tribe.

[List of Actions]

Everyone has five action points to spend and from each posting update, they can renew them again for whatever action they want to perform. Just remember to make them bold.

When ever someone were to use and action in their post in bold. The action can only be used five times then they'll have to wait until I post a large update for what people get as a result.

In order to get items to be able to be equipped on your character. They would need to crafted or carved.

- Combine <Item> With <Item>
- History Check
- Harvest <Item>
- Tame <Creature>
- Bandage <Creature / Character>
- Attack <Creature / Character>
- Buy / Sell / Trade <Item'[s]>
- Train <Stats Name>
- Inspect <Character / Creature>
- Look at <Item Or Whatever>
- Build <Cart / Building / Boat>
- Craft <Item>
- Carve <Item>
- Cook <Item'[s]>

If you feel that there need to be another action to be added onto the list, feel free to ask OOC.

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